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Graduated from Mansoura University, Faculty of Law, 2010 in a foreign language. Ms. Rasha has extensive experience in fields of Commercial, business, IT, Mobile applications, civil, investment laws, as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. She occupies an important position on which the group relies in the formulation, translation, and revision of contracts.

Fahad is lawyer since 2019. Beside his role as head of corporate, Fahad specializes in litigation, dispute resolution, and contract drafting. His legal journey began with earning a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Kuwait International Law College,2018, Fahad furthered his expertise, obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Law,2023. With a comprehensive understanding of legal matters, Fahad contributes valuable insights to the field, ensuring effective and fast establishment of commercial entities, covering governmental related matters and dispute resolution and meticulous contract formulation

A licensed attorney by the Kuwaiti lawyer Association, authorized to represent clients before courts of appeal. Graduated from Kuwait University in 2017 with a degree in Shariah and Islamic Studies. His expertise lies in Administrative, Civil, Commercial, and Criminal Law. He has a keen interest in money laundering cases, showcasing a multifaceted approach to legal matters.

Mariam holds a bachelor of law from Kuwait International Law School with superior honors in 2022. During her academic journey, Mariam joined the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, where her dedication and proficiency earned her an impressive ranking.

Mariam’s interest in law is unique, as she likes a mix of both international and private law. She finds excitement in maritime, commercial, and business law in the private sector. Working at AlBaker Law Firm has expanded her horizons to include a newfound interest in Contract Law, Capital Markets, and Investment law, and always excited about exploring various aspects of the law.

Dana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Kuwait International Law School. She joined Kuwait Lawyers Association in 2020, after working as a legal researcher at the Ministry of Electricity and Water. She has extensive experience in the field of law, having worked at Meysan Partners, where she gained wide-ranging experience in contract drafting, and legal document preparation, as well as appearing in court and Experts Department.
Dana joined AlBaker & Associates m as a legal advisor to continue her legal career, where she is known for her extensive expertise in corporate law and contract drafting. She has completed numerous specialized training courses in securities law, competition law, bankruptcy law, and corporate governance, in addition to completing a course in anti-money laundering.

Abdulaziz Al-Shammari has been practicing law since 2021. His expertise lies in litigation, dispute resolution, and contract drafting. Abdulaziz has a keen interest and proficiency in handling cases related to commercial, civil, administrative, personal status, and labor law. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law from the International Islamic Sciences University.

Ahmad has a law degree from Cairo University,2002. Registered member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2003. Got an ISO 9001 certification in business administration and a member in the Arab Associates Union. Has an extensive experience in various legal fields, with a focus on contracts, commercial, investment, and technology disputes, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises’ services, disputes, and contracts.

Graduated from Ain Shams University’s, Faculty of Law in 1984, Mr. Mohammad has strong legal experience and extensive knowledge in various fields and practices of law, as well as in the field of establishing Companies, general assemblies, and board of directors’ meetings.

Graduated from Mansoura University’s Faculty of Law in 1996 and earned a master’s degree in private law. Mr. Mohammad brings solid legal experience and extensive knowledge in Commercial, Business, Civil, and Criminal Laws.

Graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Law, in 2007, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to legal excellence. He furthered his academic journey by obtaining a Master’s in Legal Science and is currently dedicated to pursuing a Ph.D. With a wealth of experience spanning civil, commercial, business, IT, and Electronic Transactions Law, Mr. Moamen is recognized for his proficiency in drafting various commercial contracts. His academic achievements and extensive legal knowledge position him as a valuable contributor to the field of law.

Ahmed Ezzat is a professional case coordinator with over ten years of experience in administrative and executive roles across the courts of Kuwait. His expertise lies in the intricacies of legal proceedings, and he has dedicated his career to effectively navigating the administrative and executive aspects of legal matters.

Mahmoud Sabri holds a Bachelor of Laws from Assiut University. His academic background reflects a solid foundation in legal studies, demonstrating his commitment to understanding the complexities of the law, he contributes valuable insights to the field, showcasing a commitment to excellence in the realm of law.

Mustafa has more than 15 years of experience in the legal field. His expertise lies in finalizing crucial paperwork before government entities, and he specializes in the establishment of companies and the intricate process of obtaining licenses.

Mohammed earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting in 2012 and later pursued a Master’s in Financial Statement Governance in 2015. Mohammad’s sharp attention to detail, coupled with strategic and analytical skills, makes him an asset in safeguarding fiscal integrity. His commitment to ongoing learning and practical expertise reflects his dedication to staying ahead in the dynamic field of finance.

Mohammad earned his degree in Wireless Sciences and Information Systems in 2007, adding technical expertise to his role. Excelling in administrative tasks, he manages schedules and communication efficiently, contributing to the office’s overall effectiveness. Mohammad plays a key role in ensuring a smooth experience for both colleagues and visitors.

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