Our firm has extensive experience in company establishment, transformation, mergers, and liquidations across all forms. We excel in legal and administrative auditing, corporate restructuring, contract drafting and review to align with company objectives, representation before ministries and authorities, and attending on behalf of shareholders at joint-stock company general assembly meetings. We handle a wide range of corporate cases, innovate modern contract, and document templates, and ensure compliance with international developments in the field. Additionally, we manage bankruptcy cases, protective reconciliation procedures, and oversee bankruptcy proceedings.


Our firm also provides all services related to business activities, including reviewing and drafting both local and international commercial contracts, negotiating on behalf of the firm’s clients for local and international business deals and contracts, offering advice and consultation, auditing all transactions, local and international commercial deals, preparing widely-used commercial documents in modern business such as promissory notes, rights transfers, commercial paper templates, convertible notes and SAFE notes, stock certificates, and subscription bonds for joint-stock companies and related procedures, handling all litigation and disputes arising between merchants, collecting commercial debts, entering into all commercial agency contracts, franchise contracts, distribution, and commercial representation, as well as drafting and reviewing all transportation contracts subject to commercial law and handling related cases.


We recognize the significance of commercial activities in Kuwait and the necessity for legal protection of trademarks and trade names. To safeguard our clients, we provide a comprehensive legal team that offers preventive legal services by registering trademarks and trade names for our clients. We also handle the registration of industrial designs and patents with the designated government authorities. we proactively address any infringements on trademarks, whether they involve imitation, counterfeiting, or similar registrations. Our approach involves objecting to similar trademark registrations and lodging legal complaints with relevant authorities regarding infringements on trademark names or appearances. We also handle all litigation proceedings arising from these infringements and practices.

Contracting & Real Estate

Due to the ongoing growth and expansion in Kuwait’s construction and real estate sectors, comprehensive legal protection should cover all aspects and potential risks associated with these businesses. Our firm provides all legal services in this regard, like advice regarding government tenders and bids, reviewing and drafting construction contracts, (B.O.T) contracts, private government sector contracts, and real estate contracts, including legal actions related to sales, gifts, wills, leases, determination of rights, property management for others, and monitor the necessary procedures until they come into effect.


As significant as the investment sector in Kuwait is, its associated risks are equally substantial. Thus, our firm provides the necessary legal protection for investment entities and individual investors and all the modern methods needed to keep pace with the rapid developments in this field. We specialize in drafting, reviewing, and assessing various investment contracts. We establish investment funds and portfolios locally and globally, complying with the Capital Markets Authority, Kuwait Stock Exchange, and relevant regulatory standards. We also review and create investment contracts for local and international firms and fund managers. Our services include monitoring investment unit performance, market introduction, and marketing. Furthermore, we manage and supervise public and private subscription processes and advocate for shareholders.

Sports commercial contracts

Transactions related to sports business and commercial sports transactions are areas we are interested in. This is because our founder, Lawyer Abdullah AlBaker, is interested in sport, so he got a certificate from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Therefore, we offer consultancy, drafting, and reviewing commercial sports contracts. Additionally, we provide all services needed for all transactions, encompassing commercial contracts entered by sports entities with companies and other commercial service providers.

Sports contracts

Our firm also covers sports-related activities, as well as athletes’ contracts with sports entities, based on local and international laws and in accordance with the International Olympic Committee’s charter. It also includes representing athletes in disputes arising from these contracts and participating in organized sports under local and international laws and the Olympic Charter.

Technical, IT, Mobile applications, and electronic platform projects

In Kuwait, our supremacy in this field shines brightly as our firm takes pride in providing its services to more than 300 clients in this field whose projects have achieved international recognition. We have the rarest and most specialized experts who provide consultancy services, drafting and reviewing contracts, writing privacy policies, terms and conditions, internal contracts, and protecting intellectual property rights for these projects and trademarks. We also ensure the provision of comprehensive legal protection when expanding geographically or embarking on activities related to participation, investment, or acquisition.

Small and medium-sized enterprise

Today’s youth have a different direction. they aspire to be their own boss. We aim to support young people to build their own businesses and grow together by providing sophisticated services and legal advice. We give the legal structure of the project in ways that allow it to grow. We start by registering intellectual property rights trademarks for the business and their electronic commercial applications, drafting and reviewing contracts, writing terms & conditions, and Privacy Policies to attract investors. We give the legal structure of the project in ways that allow it to grow from a local business to an international business.

Companies and Enterprise Restructuring

We have experience in advising on corporate board and committee formation, providing essential legal guidance to board members, and addressing governance rules, disclosure regulations, and regulatory laws that govern management’s relationship with the company, shareholders, and others. Additionally, we excel in developing regulatory frameworks for corporate restructuring, managing legal matters related to challenging debts and debt restructuring within applicable laws, and crafting innovative settlement arrangements and contracts.

  • Bankruptcy proceedings and preventive settlement agreements.
  • Settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Reconciliation

Banks and Banks Services

We understand the sensitivity of bank services, the critical need for advanced procedures, and the importance of keeping pace with their evolution, so we provide tailored legal solutions for banking operations, including innovative contracts, policies, and compliance with Central Bank guidelines. Our services cover loan agreements, financing, insurance, investment, asset management, and legal actions to recover debts related to banking activities.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Liquidations

Our firm has expertise in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, and family-owned businesses in the Gulf region. We handle financial and administrative planning and property management for family-owned companies and can also establish family business entities for asset and company management.

Tax and direct investment

The ongoing business development in the region, specifically in Kuwait, which allows foreign companies to operate either through partnerships with Kuwaiti entities or through direct investment, requires legal expertise to ensure full compliance with government tax regulations and laws related to direct investment. We provide comprehensive legal services to foreign companies operating in Kuwait, including liaising with government authorities on tax matters and representing companies in tax-related disputes.


Serving as agents for Kuwaiti insurance companies, we have broad insurance expertise. Our services encompass litigation, arbitration, reconciliation, and customized insurance contract drafting and review to address clients’ specific risks.

Healthcare sector

Our commitment extends to optimizing interactions in this rapidly expanding field, anticipating substantial growth in the future, so We specialize in resolving issues within the healthcare sector, encompassing challenges related to institutions, staff, and patient services.

Energy and Petrochemicals

Kuwait’s position as a global oil exporter has drawn significant investment interest in the oil and energy sectors. To meet the competition, we offer swift, expert, and professional legal protection to local and foreign entities in the sector. Our services include contract drafting, auditing, and review for government and private companies, ensuring full compliance with regulatory laws and policies. We also handle all litigation proceedings.

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