Bankruptcy consultations, conciliations and legal actions.


Our areas of interest are as follows :

  • Representing clients before local and international arbitration forums, and acting as arbitrators and counsels.
  • Setting local and international arbitration clauses and relevant procedures in accordance with international arbitration organizations’ rules.
  • Resolving disputes amicably through mediation and negotiation.
  • Structuring banking internal and clientele based policies.
  • Creating and developing banking products and related instruments, such as those pertaining to loans, financing operations, and assets and investments    management.
  • Advising on banks’ operations legal concerns pursuant to the effective laws and Central Bank of Kuwait’s regulations.
  • Drafting and examining banking contracts, particularly those related to debt purchases, bank facilities, mortgages, documentary credits, letters of guarantee, and all banking contracts and documentary forms.
  • Collecting debts and arranging for related settlements.
  • Instituting legal actions related to bank operations.

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  • Businesses setup, M&A and liquidation, including foreign companies pursuant to the Direct Foreign Investment, FTZ and Offset Laws.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Legal due Diligence and administrative studies.
  • Modern forms of corporate contracts and deeds creation and development to assist the clients in keeping pace with the rapid development of global trade and transactions.
  • Clients’ representation before all governmental departments and competent authorities.
  • Corporate General Assembly Meetings representation.
  • Bankruptcy consultations, conciliations and legal actions.
  • Corporate litigations.
  • Tenders and bids representation and consultation.
  • Contracts drafting and examination.
  • State construction Tenders and BOT contracts and consultations.
  • Lease and property management contracts drafting and examination.
  • Clients’ representation before all Lease and Administrative courts and authorities.
  • Drafting and examining contracts, such as service, maintenance and construction related to oil and gas, and power plants.
  • Advising on various legal and business transactions related to the energy sector.
  • Energy and oil related tenders and bids representation and consultation.
  • Representing clients in all energy related legal actions and disputes.
  • Establishing investment portfolios and funds.
  • Drafting and examining securities, investment and financing contracts.
  • Organizing and advising on public and private subscriptions.
  • Advising on local and international securities and investment transactions.
  • Representing clients in securities and investments related legal actions and disputes.
  • Registering trademarks, industrial designs, patents and copyrights before all competent authorities.
  • Filing IP registration objections and processing related claims before the competent authorities.
  • Instituting civil and criminal legal actions concerning trademarks, patents and copyrights infringement, counterfeits, and illegal competition.
  • Providing legal advice to foreign and local companies relating to all transactions that may entail or involve taxation.
  • Reviewing contracts between foreign and local companies in relation to any business or investment venture that may entail tax obligation.
  • Representing foreign and local companies before the Tax Department and competent courts concerning tax related disputes and legal actions.

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